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Vinga Corporate Finance specializes in deal structuring for short- and long term growth financing. Building on years of transaction experience, we support local entrepreneurs with global ambitions.





Your next step

Throughout your company’s lifespan, you will likely need to raise capital, finance an acquisition or refinance existing debt. Vinga Corporate Finance specializes in financial deal structuring for Nordic SMEs. We help small and mid-sized companies finance their businesses effectively through equity and debt advisory with emphasis on the high yield segment.

DCM -A wide range of debt financing solutions

When you need to access the credit market, our corporate finance team has extensive experience from a wide range of Nordic debt offerings. Our debt advisory services are centered around corporate bonds and other high yield debt, allowing you to scale your business without diluting your equity and at an earlier stage than traditional bank credit.

Growth financing

– Acquisitions of land and real estate for development

– Construction of housing and commercial properties

– lnvestments for industrial manufacturing or other production

– lnvestments in the transport and logistics sector

– Financing of expansion or growth strategies

– lnvestments and production in the renewable energy sector


– Refinancing of previous bonds and/or other debt

– Bridge financing

ECM – Structuring all types of equity offerings

Our equity offerings let you unlock growth strategies and expand your company while maintaining a robust and flexible balance sheet. To date, we have structured equity issues across a range of sectors such as tech, industry, real estate and renewable energy.

We offer structuring in connection with transactions such as

– New share issues

– Preference share issues

– Pre-lPO financings

– Block trades

– Other equity transactions

Green Bonds – large benefits for issuers

How can my company issue green bonds?
As environmental awareness increases among investors and companies, the market for green bonds is also growing rapidly. With a green bond, the issue proceeds are specifically designated to be used for sustainable purposes. For companies interested in issuing green bonds, Vinga Corporate Finance can assist you with everything from an initial financial assessment to setting up a green bond framework and making the project attractive to investors.

Partner to the Climate Bonds lnitiative (CBI)
Vinga has joined the Climate Bonds lnitiative, an organization promoting sustainable investments and conducting green bond certification. Through joining the Climate Bonds lnitiative, we can provide small and mid-sized issuers with better access to the green bond market while providing investors with sustainable high yield opportunities.


  • Bild till nyheten/pressreleasen

    June 26, 2024

    Vinga finansierar Patriams första hybridobligation

    Fastighetsutvecklaren Patriam har nyligen förvärvat en fastighet på Kungsholmen i Stockholm. I samband med detta emitterade bolaget en hybridobligation på 65 miljoner kronor, strukturerad av Vinga Group. Produkten utgör den första hybridobligationen strukturerad av Vinga, som bedömer att tillgångsslaget kan vara en attraktiv finansieringslösning för fler fastighetsutvecklare.

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  • Bild till nyheten/pressreleasen

    June 12, 2024

    Meet us at INTERSOLAR

    Are you looking to finance renewable energy projects? We will be in Munich on June 19, attending Intersolar Europe 2024, the leading exhibition for the solar industry.

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  • Bild till nyheten/pressreleasen

    June 12, 2024

    Another significant milestone achieved

    Seeing the now-finished greenhouse where tomato plants have been installed is inspiring. Vinga Group congratulates WA3RM and Regenergy Frövi on achieving this important milestone and looks forward to the first harvest, expected in August.

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Is your company in need of funding?

Ola Nilsson
CEO – Vinga Corporate Finance
+46 70 681 78 16

Selected previous transactions


EUR 15m green bond and equity issues for Recap Energy AB.


EUR 80m of bond issues for the NPV Group.


EUR 50m of green bond financing
for Patriam Invest AB.


EUR 43m bond issues for
CPHI-Holding A/S.


EUR 135m of bond issues and direct loan financing for Oskar Group.


EUR 80m of green bond and equity
financing for Advanced SolTech Sweden AB.


EUR 180m of bond issues
for Gefion Group.